Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out To Lunch

Amber Cola took me out to lunch for my early birthday present. I love Amber so much, she is such a sweet friend and a terrific example of fitness!! Homegirl is hot and totally unwavering when it comes to exercise. But anyway, I ordered a chili verde burrito with rice and refried beans. Plus I had chips and salsa. I didn't eat dinner because I knew it put me at my calorie limit. Devonn might get me a 6-inch Subway sandwich on his way home but if not, I'll eat some strawberries and call it done. I'm not hungry either which is awesome. I know I should be consuming pretty level amounts of food at regular intervals to keep my metabolism stable but whatever. I am so into not going above my calories that it's becoming kind of an obsession. I keep having to remind myself that I'm celebrating and that it's okay.

I think I have lost 1 pound so far. I really hope I can lose another one!! My birthday is on Saturday and we're going to my parents for dinner so I'm not sure. I'll just keep on working out... even if it's 30 measly minutes on the stationary bike. I need to make sure I actually eat the 1200 calories too. And I need to drink way more water!! I know that it is the absolute key to weight loss success, it's just hard to train yourself to drink so much when you're used to drinking like 1 cup.

While on the bike today, it appeared as though I've lost a little in my thighs. While in the shower, it appeared as though I lost some from my boobs. I have not lost any from my stomach. It's always the first to appear and the last to go. It's all good though. Wish me luck hitting my 2 lbs this week?

One last thing, I think I'm over my sugar addiction! (I could easily fall into it though) I've been surrounded by it quite a few times lately and I can totally refrain. Today I ate three of the hershey's kisses Amber gave me and that's it... only three! Before, I would have eaten the entire bag.

Oh and also, does anyone know the actual effectiveness of vitamin b6 at boosting metabolism? I took half of one when I was pregnant for a couple months to quell the extreme barfiness and I was pretty hot. I know that the majority of that was because I was eating well and too sick to eat crappy but I can't help but wonder. I also question whether the b6, which supposedly can lead to the expression of certain genes, is what caused the seizure gene to express itself in Lexi. I am totally wracked with guilt. But that's another story.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Week

I wasn't thrilled with my loss last week but it was a loss. I'm grateful I didn't remain the same, or worse, increase. I was also on my period and am REALLY hoping that caused the number on the scale to be bigger. I didn't sleep much last night but I got on the stationary bike and did a pretty intense (for me) 30-minute ride anyway in the morning. It was LOVELY! I had to force myself to finish the last few minutes (I'm a weeny). But afterward I felt so great.

Some of my little goals this week: increase my water consumption, meet my calorie goal, keep the diet pepsi's at 2/day. I would also like to exercise at least a few more days this week. Also on the schedule for the week: clean the apartment top to bottom (takes FOREVER with Lexi) and finish heaps of my Math homework. I suppose I should try to get to bed earlier too.

Devonn said I can buy the game Rift and play it with him for his weekly prize (since he did beat me). I might, but I'll probably still give him a nice massage. Anyway, off to bed I go.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cue Ominous Music?

Weigh in is tomorrow. I did start my period. My pants feel too tight. I didn't exercise much. I ate a bit of crappy stuff and probably went over my calories a couple times. I haven't been good about logging my meals lately but I am mindful of what I've been consuming. The last time I checked, I was down 1.5 lbs- I think I'm back up though. A 2 lb loss would make me happy (although Devonn lost much more I think). I need to shower but I worry that my skin will absorb and hold enough water to make me heavier, not to mention my hair... wacky, huh?

Since this blog is private and it's about my health, I feel comfortable sharing too much. I haven't been able to use tampons in years. They do not fit comfortably and when they do, the blood just goes around them or something. I'll totally fill a pad and pull out a tampon to discover that it's barely used. I've tried every different brand with similar results- sometimes they just retain a weird shape even though they're supposed to fan out to fit your body. They worked when I was a teenager (sneaking them from my mom because she was WACKY and never let me use them). I think they stopped working after I had James or Andrew. I tried "Instead" today, a disposable cup type of product. Supposedly it's a wonder product for women with similar issues to mine. Well, it didn't work. I cannot get it to insert fully and rest on top of my pubic bone. It's supposed to kind of suction to your cervix... it didn't. I'm bummed because even with the best pads, I fill one every hour for several days during my period. That's a WHOLE LOT of running to the bathroom. I'm almost home bound during those days. So anyone, (ie, Sarah, the only regular reader) have any suggestions? I'm probably going to talk to the nurse practitioner when I go in for my annual (someday). But who knows.

Also, I have had the crappiest skin ever lately. I don't know what is going on. It's been this way for a few months. Did my pregnancy with Lexi forever alter my hormones so I'll just have ugly skin? There's a slight possibility of it being my cholesterol meds but it doesn't really seem feasible.

Okay enough whining and complaining! I need to go prepare for Sunday (sadly, not my favorite thing to do).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reason To Be Nervous This Time

I have been under my calories this week, I have not been exercising because we've been trying to get the house cleaned up for our annual re-certification inspection and really because every time Lexi is awake, she is grumpy and in need of entertainment. Her naps don't last longer than maybe 30-45 minutes (because she sleeps so well at night) so I generally shower or straighten up during those times. Plus we've been busy with other stuff.

The calories alone should have me losing, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I've been weighing myself in the mornings and I'm only down 0.4 lbs and it's already Thursday... sigh. I was supposed to start my period yesterday and I didn't so any day now... I am really hoping that's why. It could be the whole starvation mode junk because I sometimes have trouble hitting 1200 calories or it could be that I totally don't drink water. Devonn still wants to compete because he knows that eventually he'll win... this might be the week. If so, it will make me grouchy because I'm actually trying while he quit logging in to count his calories, doesn't exercise much, and eats way more... men!

Well, wish me luck! I paid in full for the rafting trip and I really don't want to be a total cow when I go.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 2 Weigh-In: Success!

We weighed in yesterday morning. I lost 3.8 pounds during the week! In the two weeks since our "lifestyle change," I have lost 9 pounds; 46 more to go! 9 seems like such a tiny number in comparison to the 46 I have left. I have these 8 lb weights though, and it's fun to pick one up and think that I am no longer carrying that around.

For those wondering, I beat Devonn again but I'm not sure we're going to compete much anymore... we'll see. It has been hard finding time for my rewards. Plus, Devonn has been sick and he's usually busy. The competition/rewards system was my idea and he just kind of went along with it, I don't think he was ever really into it. Although, if he were winning I think he would be super into it.

Okay, I'm exhausted!!! Was up sticking the pacifier in the baby's mouth every couple hours...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Nervous!!

I am so nervous that I won't lose weight this week or that it will be minuscule. And then I will question whether it's because I haven't been eating enough calories each day (working hard at that one)--according to hundred's of successful people in the forums at myfitnesspal, when they initially plateaued, they began eating all of their 1200 calories plus half of their calories earned through exercise and they never plateaued again. I will also question whether it could be my period is lurking around the corner. A funny thing about my period, I'm 2-3 lbs heavier when I'm PMSing and when I'm menstruating but the day before my period starts I tend to be a couple pounds lighter than my actual weight. If I happen to weigh in that day, it would kind of suck because then the following week when I haven't lost any I would be discouraged.

I do realize that I'm too obsessed with a number on the scale. The bottom line is that I've been feeling pretty good and that's nice. This morning, I was SO exhausted but I decided to just exercise (I did a 10-minute workout on the cable) and then I wasn't tired anymore. I did so great with my calories and exercising (I also cleaned quite a bit) that I was able to eat a John's Burger salad (with the ranch and cheese)...yeah baby! From my estimation, the salad is about 1005 calories.

I'm also really going to cut down on the diet soda. I'm working towards either only having one a day (a can). Or only having one when we go out.

The website My Body Gallery is pretty great but it's kind of funny because supposedly people my weight and size wear a size 18 pants but I'm wearing a 22. I do have a BIG stomach though, so that could be why.

Okay, I need to get to bed earlier tonight!

PS- To Sarah, thanks for the soda causing water retention tip! I can drink one a bit later than 4pm the previous day, but not much later. I guess I never gave it any thought. But now that I know, it makes my weigh-ins a bit happier.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Motivation

Devonn and I haven't done so hot with setting up any incremental rewards, we'll need to do that before too long so I can stay motivated. One fun thing that I might do, is a rafting trip. It's with ladies that I only know of really so I'm trying to convince other friends to come with me it's kind of expensive is the only problem. It's on June 29th. Sarah? April? wanna come?? I know you might be moving Sarah and I know you're like me when it comes to spending money on yourself, but still maybe it can be your motivator too... I sent you the info on FB, Sarah.

Anyway, if I can keep up with a 2lb weight loss each week, by the time the rafting trip rolls around, I'll be 30 lbs lighter! That would make me around 179. Only 20lbs away from my initial goal weight! I plan on swimming come beginning of June too (assuming it will be hot enough) so I hope to have a bit of a tan by then. But anyway, yay!

That's all for now. Once I'm over the initial excitement of eating better, I'll probably post less. Or maybe not, maybe I'll post every time I have a craving and then you'll all stop reading, heh.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Weigh-In Results

My first weight in was this morning (Sunday morning). After 6 days of dieting, I lost 5.2 lbs! My starting weight was probably actually lower than 214lbs though because I weighed myself in the evening when I can be up to 3 pounds heavier so really I could have lost less. But ANYWAY, I'm just going to go with it and celebrate the 5 pound weight loss!

I beat Devonn percentage wise, but barely. I know he's too busy to do all of Lexi's feeding for a day and a massage sounds great, so a massage it is!

It has actually been hard for me to eat 1200 calories because I'm mental. I know that I need to so as not to go into starvation mode, but it's tough. I'm so afraid of completely blowing it. I know that there are no foods that are 0 calories and I know that I need to eat...(can we say eating disorder? No, in reality, I get very close to 1200). My parents agreed to let me borrow their super old stationary bike as well as to let me have my old bike back. I think that once I can ride the stationary bike an hour each day, it will be easier to justify eating... I don't know.

But anyway, my cravings haven't been too bad at all. (Except today when Grannie was making chocolate chip cookies at Blaine and Carrin's... curse her! But I abstained). I plan on eating what I want on Disneyland days since one cheat day every few weeks won't hurt your diet, plus I burn well over 1000 calories from walking around all day.

It occurred to me today while listening to the Word of Wisdom lesson, that I am actually following the Word of Wisdom pretty close to the way it was intended. I have been eating lot of fruits and veggies and whole grains. I've dropped my meat consumption to "sparingly" and I've eliminated sweets from the day to day (like I mentioned before, it has to be all or nothing with sweets--plus one cookie is like 150 calories-yuck!) But come Disneyland, big fat cinnamon roll, here I come!

I'm due to start my period in something like a week. I have WICKED chocolate/carb cravings when I'm PMSing. Plus, I gain a few pounds except the day right before it, I oddly drop a few. But anyway, Devonn stands a chance next week I guess.

Well, it is now after midnight (dumb time change) and I need to get to sleep.

PS- For those wondering, The Word of Wisdom is a set of health guidelines that tell us, very simply put, to abstain from addictive, harmful substances and to consume healthy stuff. Basically it just tells us to be healthy like we know we should! (There's more to it, but yeah...)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Plan

I had been using the weight watchers plus points system on the app I bought for my phone but I decided to calculate the calories just to see and I was disappointed to find out that with the new plus program, my calories were a bit high. So I'm going to start counting calories instead. I'm using this website: It is pretty awesome, it has a database with just about every food and exercise imaginable. There is also a free app for mobile devices that syncs with your regular account. So, that is the new plan.

Also, I'm cutting back on diet pepsi (kinda). My plan for now is to only drink it with lunch and dinner, but I'm not going to be all nazi about it (sometimes I just want one, like now). I also decided to start exercising once in a while just to burn off some extra calories and to be able to indulge in a bit of extra food once in a while. I'm not going to be all nazi about exercising either. Still taking baby steps so I don't suffer burnout. Yesterday the kids and I took an hour long walk. I want to do something today but we'll see, maybe biggest loser after the kids go to bed? Maybe walking the bluffs with them?

PS- It looks like Devonn and Sarah are the only readers (I also invited Alison Moreno but she hasn't accepted yet). Just letting you all know.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Day at Disneyland/Photographic Motivation

We went to Disneyland yesterday. I didn't do great with my meals. Not SUPER terrible, but not great. Devonn went through a drive-thru for breakfast and I got a teriyaki chicken bowl. For lunch we bought a whole pizza because we knew the kids would want more than one slice and it was more cost effective. I didn't want any to go to waste, so I ate three pieces (instead it went to waist, hehe). They were vegetarian slices, but that doesn't mean anything. For dinner I had a relatively healthy chicken sandwich from Burger King's drive-thru (but I also had french fries which was just dumb. I should have just gotten the apple fries). I also ate some of James's cinnamon roll. I normally would have PIGGED out at Disneyland (churros, my own cinnamon roll, HUGE meals)- I exercised some restraint.

We were there for 10 hours and pretty much walked the whole time. I put 6 hours of walking in my app's activity log to account for sitting to eat and feed Lexi and for the time we were sitting on actual rides and it gave me 30 activity points. I surpassed my daily points (35) and my activity points and went into my weekly bonus points with all the crap I ate. I am going to be careful to never count on my bonus points or activity points (except maybe on Thanksgiving).

I've long known that I am a sugar addict. I totally lack the ability to control myself around sweets (especially chocolate or pastry type treats). I will sit down and eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies or half a gallon of chocolate ice cream. I have become the woman I used to gasp at in talk shows. It is sad. For me, it will have to be an all or nothing thing regarding sweets.

Here is some photographic motivation for me. I know I probably wouldn't likely ever be so small as some of these again but they still serve as motivation:

Devonn and I had been dating a while, I would say I was probably about 135-142 lbs?

This is when Devonn and I first started dating. I was between 125 and 130lbs.

This is in 2007. I would estimate that I was in the 140's or 150's... my goal weight!

Another from when we first started dating.

Here is another in 2007 of me at my goal weight.

This is a more recent one of me. Big (disgusting) difference.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fantastically Fit

I want to be fantastically fit, hence the name of the blog. I'm tired of being FAT. I want to run and not be weary, I want to have the stamina to play for hours with my crazy kids, and if we're being honest here-- I want to look hot. I am at an all time high and enough is enough.

I will likely be putting all the nitty gritty details on this blog so at first, readers will be very limited. Once I achieve some weight loss/fitness goals and am feeling more comfortable, then I might add more readers.

So here we go:

I am 5'7" (really 5'6.5" probably but we'll go with 5'7"). And 214 pounds. Yuck. My BMI is 33.47; I am obese class I. It is sickening because right after Lexi, I was in the 180's/190's and just overweight. I am fairly sedentary and have just been inhaling food. I will not tell you that I'm one of those people that doesn't eat a lot because that would be a lie. Also, I eat completely unhealthy crap. I hate cleaning up after I cook and I don't enjoy cooking while the baby cries so we usually just eat out. A quick disclaimer as far as my weight: I weighed in Sunday evening after eating a lot all day so when I weigh in next Sunday in the morning, it will probably be a lot less, so it won't be a totally true weight loss reflection.

My initial goal weight is 159 (a 55 lb. loss) which will put me at the high end of normal in regards to BMI. Devonn is working with me and it is so nice to have some support! I think we can keep each other going this time. My initial plan for achieving this goal weight is eating better and using the weight watchers points plan, only I'm CHEAP, so I'm using a non-weight watchers app on my phone. My initial allotment of points is 35 daily points. I'm hoping to lose about 2 pounds/week which will put me at my initial goal mid-September- just in time for the new school year! Devonn and I are planning on competing with one another. The winner for the week gets something like an hour long massage or a baby-feeding free day or something equally awesome. We competed in a "Biggest Loser-Service Edition" a couple years ago and we both did pretty well so it seems competition will be helpful. We're also planning on setting up a system of rewards, small incremental rewards for certain percent of weight lost and then some kind of amazing reward for reaching our goal.

My initial goal and plans are low, I don't want to set myself up to fail so I'm taking it one step at a time. First, I will stop eating out (we REALLY can't afford it anyway) and will start counting points and staying within my limits. I'm also going to work on getting adequate sleep (which will mean getting to bed before 12:30am.) I might add some walks or something in, but for now I'm not worried about exercise. I'm also not planning on drastically reducing my diet pepsi intake just yet (even thought I KNOW it makes me crave carbs. Baby steps.

Okay the baby is waking from her nap and I want to do a couple things to the layout and add some stuff so here we go!