Monday, March 26, 2012


Despite the bad week last week, I still managed to lose 2.4 lbs. I think I will attribute it to my chili verde burrito with rice and beans from La Tapatia. I think I just confused the heck out of my body with the calorie yo-yo from day to day? Who knows. All I know is that I am now under 200 lbs and I don't plan on EVER seeing that number again!! I can't wait until I'm WAY under that number but I am ecstatic with my progress thus far. I pretty much have been able to maintain a 2 pound weight loss each week (with the exception of a couple weeks) and it makes me happy. :)

Okay, even though I want to blabber on an on about goals and junk, the baby beckons...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bad Week

This hasn't been the best dieting week and I have not exercised at all. And right now I want chocolate and pastries SO FREAKING BAD. Gotta love periods, huh? Must. Resist. Temptation. I've tried all the little tricks to stop the cravings but they are not working today. Ughh.

Devonn plateaued this week so our weigh in is going to be pathetic. :(

Thursday, March 22, 2012


So my initial weigh in for Biggest Loser was 205.6 because I weighed myself with a full bladder in the evening, heh. I know everyone else did the same and I feel no guilt. Last Monday was our week 1 weigh in, I was at 202.2. I'm excited because either this week or next, I will be under 200 (forever!) So Devonn and I were pretty much middle of the pack in terms of the competition but the people who did better than us are brand new in their weight loss journey, so naturally they are going to lose more at first.

I have been right around my calories each day, but I REALLY need to start exercising again. It has been way too long since I even attempted any exercise and it is because I was writing a series of essays for my two online classes (10 total), then studying for a midterm, then doing two quizzes that were huge, then participating in forum discussions that never end, and preparing a substantial presentation (that I will finally be giving today). The workload really isn't going to improve too much for the next 7 weeks so I really just need to make the time for exercise.

Anyway, Lexi is tearing up the office while I type so that is it for the update.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tomorrow is the Day!!

Biggest Loser round 2 starts tomorrow and my awesome husband is my partner, yay! I can't wait to see how many couples we end up having. Hopefully a lot and hopefully Devonn and I win. ;) I recruited 2 couples that are definitely doing it, 1 couple that is considering it still, and I invited Emilee (my hot S-I-L, for any newer readers). Without the Emilee and the couple considering it, my best guess would be that we have at least 11 couples competing. Which means the payout will be at least $550! Devonn and I would really enjoy that! (Or we might really pay bills with it...)

I feel gluttonous because I did NOT count calories this weekend and I did not refrain from eating what I wanted, including ice cream and banana pudding from Golden Corral, and Chili Verde burritos, etc from La Tapatia, not to mention the egg roll from Jack in the Box and the numerous diet sodas. I kind of did it to gain or maintain since Friday to get an edge in the competition, but as of this morning it didn't work- I was still lighter than Friday. We'll see what tomorrow brings though!

Before I go, does this time change irritate anyone else? I kind of hate it. Losing an hour of sleep, not being tired until super late...ugh. The kids couldn't fall asleep until forever, despite not napping today. Tomorrow is going to be rough!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Conclusion of Biggest Loser Round 1

My final weigh in was 205.0- a 2.2 lb loss for the week and 17.6- pound loss for the Biggest Loser duration. My overall loss since I started taking care of myself (a couple weeks before the start of Biggest Loser) is 19.8 lbs! That is a good number and it makes me happy! This past week I have gotten compliments on how my face looks thinner and it's awesome. The most awesome thing though is that diet Pepsi's don't taste as good as they used to and that I don't have these intense cravings for junk anymore. I am so excited to continue this weight loss journey. I am excited to think that when I start at Cal State, I will be thinner- they will never know the blubbery, bloated 225 lb Carla. I feel like this weight loss has instilled some confidence in me and I like it. I can't imagine the confidence I'll have when I'm at a healthy weight. It is going to be awesome!

Things I need to work on: EATING enough calories! Varying my exercise routine. Increasing water consumption a bit more. Getting more sleep! I am pretty well tired every day and I know it's mostly due to a lack of sleep and the lack of calories probably don't help much either.

Okay, my baby monster needs my attention right now but before I go, I want to leave you with pictures of my hair cut! I think the stylist did a great job. It's a totally different color but I like it. I went in there telling her I wanted layers and shoulder length and she talked me out of going shoulder length- thank goodness. She thinned it out and added lovely layers and it feels so nice. I hate self portraits and I totally couldn't get a clear one of the back of my hair so the second one is nerdy, but I can tell that my face does indeed look thinner. Yay!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sunday afternoon I weighed in at 205. This morning, I weighed in at 206. I know a 1 pound difference isn't anything to get all worked up about, BUT, I see the same trend as last week- light in the beginning of the week, heavier towards the end. So someone please tell me what is going on and how to stop this. Please? I'm adding a synopsis of my calories so you can tell me if that's what you think it is.

On Saturday I ate 1,172 and burned off 274 through exercise. Sunday I ate 875 calories (it was fast Sunday so it couldn't be helped...). On Monday, yesterday, I ate 1,035 calories and burned off 274 through exercise. Hmm... I think I'm noticing a trend. Perhaps I'm really just not eating enough? I have calorie issues. :( The difficult thing for me is finding a balance between healthy food and calories... I can eat tons of fruits and veggies all day long but they're so low in calories, it won't put me at 1200. Conversely, I can eat other things, but they're too high in sodium or cholesterol or too high in calories. I'm mental.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

30 Day Shred Concerns

When browsing My Fitness Pal, I was looking at the success stories (my favorite thing to do...totally motivating!) and specifically, I was looking at the 30 Day Shred results. These people are BEAUTIFUL at the end, you can totally see a difference and it's fabulous. BUT, none of them lose very much weight at all. Tons of inches and they're all toned and hot, but just not many pounds. This is a problem in a weight loss competition. So, I'm probably going to have to shelve Jillian for the next 12.5 weeks. :(

I know that being lean and strong and toned are the most important, but I also know that being in a weight loss competition will keep me more motivated than anything else because I'm competitive and because I don't want to part with money.

So for the duration of the contests, I'll work on being a skinny fat girl and stick with copious cardio. But at the beginning of June when the contests end, I plan on working hard to tone up. I would have time for two 30DS completions if I were inclined. :)

PS- Read my last posts if you haven't :)

Biggest Loser Last Week

Please see my last post too.

Rachel and I got first place for the week because she did an awesome job. We are now in second place overall. Our percent lost is 5.21% and the first place is 8.31% I want to win BADLY. So no soda for me this week, super low sodium, increasing my fiber even more, tons of water, plentiful rest, making sure to eat my 1200 calories, and exercising every single day no matter how busy I am. Also, making sure to remember my pill at the same exact time every night. I'm hoping to get a haircut this week (not that it will help, lol). I'm weighing in as early as I can on Friday morning and when I go to do it, I'm dressing as skimpy as I can legally and morally manage. Including free-boobing it, lol. I'll probably freeze but oh well.

Even if we don't win, I will have lost a good deal of weight in these 6 weeks and that makes me HAPPY! I'm totally on the road to good health and I love it!

Friday, March 2, 2012

1 More Week to Go

I am disappointed in my weight this week. I weighed in at 207.2 which is a 1.8 lb loss. But, at the beginning of the week I was down to 206.8 (or somewhere thereabout). Why did I gain? Maybe because I ate less than 1200 calories the last couple days, maybe because my water consumption wasn't quite good enough, or maybe because I'm having female issues... spotted and cramped the entire week and started back on regular/non-placebo pills. It could also have to do with the fact that for legitimate exercise, I only did it once- 30 minutes on the bike last night. I did HEAVILY clean the house Wednesday night (like insanely). But every single other day, I had something going on for school/scouts. I wouldn't normally be so hard on myself, but this is a competition after all. My partner did really well this week though, so hopefully that bumps us up a spot.

Our final weigh in for this round is on Friday. Both my partner and I are determined to bring some big numbers to the table. I will attempt to get all my assignments for the week done tonight and tomorrow so I can just focus on exercise. I will work out every single day for a minimum of 20 minutes, I will do my best to get more sleep, I will consume at least 4 bottles of water daily, I will eat at least 1200 calories/day and I will do my best to eat back at least half my exercise calories maybe?

Any tips for quick weight loss? (You know, besides ex-lax, lol). I was thinking of trying freezing showers in the morning and ICE cold water to boost metabolism...