Monday, December 29, 2014

Biggest Loser and Boobs Again

Here is a picture I took yesterday. Ignore my dirty mirror, please. Ignore the lack of makeup and whatnot too, okay? I put on these workout clothes so I could practice some belly dancing with random Youtube videos... HA! I looked totally ridiculous (though Devonn says it was hot, such a sweet liar). Anyway, I noticed that I looked alright so I took a selfie to send Devonn. So, this is me currently. My profile is always better than straight on because I seem to have a bit of a square shape.

So, I am currently participating in a Biggest Loser competition that I orchestrated at work. I am in second place but I have plateaued and the dude ahead of me just keeps SHEDDING the lbs... punk. My weight bounced around in the 160s for a while but I am now in the upper end of the 150s. I am pretty happy with my body so I think I'll get to the low 150s and work on toning up and maintaining. I know that I would probably look cute at 135 or something but I am happy now...

My last post indicated that I had a mommy makeover and I seem to have lost a couple blogging buddies over it??? This makes me sad on a few levels. One being that I have what is probably an unhealthy need to be liked by everyone. Another being that I genuinely like these people and another being frustration that people are so judgmental/mean. I was pregnant three times, delivering by c-section each time. I have zero skin elasticity (a mild scratch results in a scar)... pregnancy just literally ripped by skin apart. My doctor during my first pregnancy told me that I had the worst case of stretch marks he had seen in his entire career (comforting). I lost a significant amount of weight, 31.94% of my body weight at my most recent lowest. In order to exercise at all, I had to wear Spanx. The weight and weird hormonal issues I have contended with resulted in a tiny little deformed boob and an extremely tiny little deformed boob. My cup sizes were seriously different and my pant size was huge due to the excess skin. So you know what? I had a mommy makeover and it was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself (besides completing my bachelor's degree). So that is the last time I will ever explain or justify my surgery decision.

For those of you who may be interested in plastic surgery... my results are fabulous (most especially in comparison with my before pictures). Plastic surgery didn't give me the porn star look, I still don't have a ton of cleavage. I have full natural looking boobs that fill out a bra and a shirt properly. I have a freaking flat stomach and he repaired my abs that were displaced by pregnancy so you can kinda see my muscles and I FEEL totally strong. Best part... my pants fit and I will NEVER have to wear Spanx again. I walk around in normal fitting clothes and I don't have to suck in... I can actually breathe! Recovery was quick (2 weeks and I was back to work) It was expensive because I had the best plastic surgeon in Kern County so I did finance part of that mess for a couple years. I am currently 5 months post-op and supposedly my results will get better and better. If any of you have any questions whatsoever, I would love to answer them.

I thought about posting before and after pictures but this is a public blog, though it is not searchable by databases. Anyway, I go back to work tomorrow after a vacation so I should sleep. For the 1 or maybe 2 (or less) of you that still read this, thanks for being my buddies! ♥

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Got Boobs

So... I got boobs. How's that for the topic of my first post in forever!?

But it's true. In late July I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and I FREAKING love it. The boobs haven't completely "dropped" and may require a revision surgery in the future but I still love them. And the tummy tuck? Best decision EVER. I can run without tons of skin and some extra fat painfully flapping. It is seriously crazy.

As is pretty common and crappy, I have gained a little weight since the surgery. I'm in the low-mid 160's so I have gained 5+ lbs since then. My goal is somewhere in the 150's and then maintaining.

I would post before and after pictures but a certain lovely husband of mine won't honor my request to find and send me the before pictures.

Monday, May 5, 2014


I suppose I should update since I haven't in FOREVER. Lately I have been bouncing around between 152 and 155, usually staying right around 153 lbs. I'm hoping to get to 145 lbs and then stay there. :) I have a gym membership which I try to utilize 3x/week but there was a solid 3 weeks in which I didn't go at all... I really need to work on some good eating habits. Namely, eating breakfast, NOT going out for lunch, and cutting out sweets... easier said than done though. Anyway, that's that. :)