Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Happy!

This is a weird new blogger layout. I'm not sure I love it...

But anyway, I am pretty pleased about the 192.2 weigh in. We have 3 months until Catalina. If I lost 5lbs a month then I would be 177.2 (a 15-lb loss). And technically, we actually have 15 weeks left and if I kept up with the 2-lbs per week that I've been averaging (for 12 weeks now), I would lose 30-lbs which would put me at 162.2. And that would be so AWESOME!

The past week or so the dieting has been a breeze. I just haven't been overly hungry. I have been eating what I want (french toast, a burger, etc) but utilizing extreme moderation and portion control. I have not, however, been exercising so I know I'm just losing muscle mass. After this week, when the stress calms down, I really need to start exercising again.

I want to brag ALL ABOUT how much I ROCKED my Anthropology presentation. And how the professor kept me after class to shower me in praises, but I get the feeling people might be sick of hearing me brag. And at any rate, I'm TIRED!

Monday, April 23, 2012

One More Day!

Only one more day of having my brother's kids here. I take them to my parents' house tomorrow morning. Thank goodness too because I've almost had several mental breakdowns. I will leave it at that lest I say something I regret posting for the world to see.

The last Biggest Loser weigh in is today. I weighed in this morning and had lost almost 3 lbs! But not quite so I'm waiting a few hours before attempting to weigh in again in hopes of hitting the -3 lb mark. In the meantime, I'm not eating or drinking anything so it's rough! I'm so stinking thirsty.

I am not participating in this next round because my procedure is scheduled for that time and because you just never know what he'll find and what my recovery time will actually be. I am SO SCARED though, that I will lose my motivation now that I'm not accountable to a partner and reporting it to someone else every week. I really want to continue on this downward trend, I am hopeful that once the stressful things with school are over this week, I can start spending more time on myfitnesspal, preparing healthy meals, and working out.

Lexi is awake and I need to fix her oatmeal and get it cooling before I get her up, but I just wanted to give a shout out to my husband, (WARNING: mushy part to follow) Dear Devonn: You are amazing! Your patience, consistency, selfless service, and love for others AMAZES me. I love that you love me so much that you do everything to make me happy. You are a gem and I don't know how I got you. Thank you times infinity. And I LOVE you!!

UPDATE: I weighed in and was 192.2!! Exactly 4 lbs lost for the week! I'll post another post with all the new totals and thoughts later. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weigh In: Yay!

I was pretty much a pig this last week too (and I didn't exercise because the cramping just would not let me- plus I was ridiculously busy). But I lost all the weight I gained over the prior week and a little more. I lost a total of 4lbs this last week. Yay! I think this upcoming week might be the last week of the competition (have to check though), I am planning on bringing my A-game. I know there is no chance of winning the overall, but I REALLY just want to lose weight...badly.

On the schedule for this week: finish preparing two presentations (Anthropology and Public Speaking), PRACTICE them 1 million times each, do all the discussions for my History class, start the fat Anthropology assignment, have scouts, clean the house, take care of my parents' animals while they're away, take Lexi to the Dr, go to a Mother-Son activity at Thorner, meet with the Bishop on Sunday, and watch my brother's kids from Friday-Tuesday. Also, trying not to go crazy is on the agenda...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Procedure Scheduled

My laporoscopy is scheduled for May 22nd. He and I both wanted to do it sooner but I had to wait until after May 10th and he is going to be out of town for the two weeks around then. So, here's praying it is a good time to find something!! My cramps have basically been killing me. And when I get up to quickly, I can feel pain in my left ovary. My hormones must be out of whack still also (caused by polycystic ovaries) cause I'm still a beast as far as hair goes, but, it does seem as though the acne has gotten a smidge better.

So the pain has totally stripped me of any motivation to exercise. I need to just do it and push through it anyway though. I know I would feel great afterwards because as my muscles heat up, usually cramping subsides.

Also, the skeletal exam for my Anthropology class, I aced it. It was an extra credit test and he promised everyone who got 100% that he would raise their letter grade one full grade in the class. Yata. He also promised everyone that if they go into the final with an A, it won't count against them. Yay! Still have a TON to do for that class though :(

Monday, April 9, 2012

School, etc.

This fits in the category of mental health so it can go on the fitness blog:

I have 5 weeks of school left.

In Anthropology:
Skeletal Exam
Write a paper
Prepare a Power Point
Give presentation
Do assignment #2 (it's a doozy)
Take Final

In Communication:
Prepare last speech (in steps that she gives us)
Give last speech
Prepare award and speech for classmate

Hist B4A:
3 Disussions (at least 5 posts for each)
1 essay assignment (5 essays)

Hist B4B:
1 Discussions (at least 5 posts for each)
1 essay assigment (5 essays)

It all really sucks but there is an end in sight. I am most stressed about all my Anthropology stuff and just finding the time to do everything. But, 5 weeks until summer!!! Also, my brother works one week on and one week off out of town (in the oilfields). Today he was awarded full custody of his three sons. I volunteered to watch them in the summer while he's working because my parents are too old and decrepit to do it and he doesn't have anyone else. I have a sinking feeling that I will be certifiably insane by the end of summer.

*Update: I will NOT be watching my nephews. I gave it a lot of thought and realized that I would NOT be able to handle it and it wouldn't be fair to my own children if I couldn't give them the attention they need.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Super Fast Not Great News

We essentially celebrated my birthday for a week. I am very, very disappointed in myself and the poor choices I made while we were on vacation... I totally ate like a pig and lazed about and I gained...a lot. Like, I am no longer in Onderland :( I am sad and angry with myself for doing that. I worked so hard to get my weight down to where it was and I totally erased like 3 weeks worth of progress by being a glutton. Well, lesson learned and I WON'T be doing that again.

Other news: I had my follow up ob/gyn appointment. Just to recap, several months ago I went to the Dr. for persistent cramping and spotting and they discovered a very large cyst so they put me on birth control to shrink it. Well, the pain got worse since then. Like way worse- think labor pains. And I cramp like 3 weeks out of the month. So today they discovered that I have polycystic ovaries. I have like 8 cysts in my left ovary and 2 or 3 in my right. My tumor has not grown though. The Dr. says that the cysts shouldn't be causing the type of pain I'm experiencing so he wants to do a laparoscopic scope to see what is going on in there and while he's doing that, he'll drain/remove any cysts. He said that there could be any number of issues going on including endometriosis, scar tissue, my uterine muscle growing through the uterine wall into other areas (forgot the medical term he told me...) He is hesitant to do a hysterectomy at my young age due to the risks and long term ramifications but before we really decide a course of action, he wants to see what we're up against.

I am so grateful to have the Dr. that I do- he is fabulous!