Thursday, September 29, 2011

And We're Off!

Off the wagon, that is. LOL. It's really not funny, but then again, it kind of is. I'm still eating a diet that is better for my cholesterol for the most part, but still eating pretty crappy. No exercise, except dance parties and chores with Lexi in my arms. But anyway, I just thought I'd update quickly in case anyone was wondering...

PS- I have a THOUSAND excuses for this quick failure, but they're just that- excuses.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's Do This!

Devonn and I decided that we need to be way more healthy (and lose weight!) We're kind of doing a competition- the weekly winner gets bragging rights. He's more concerned with inches lost and I'm more concerned with feeling better and being healthy (and of course I'd be LYING if I said that weight wasn't important to me).

I cut out sweets, am going to watch my red meat intake (gotta keep the cholesterol down), and am weaning myself off of diet pepsi. Right now I'm at one per day.

I'm back on myfitnesspal and LOVING it!! I can't recommend it enough. We have been and will continue to be BUSY so we'll see how motivated we can remain. Well, off to sweep and mop, get Andrew, feed Lexi, shower, vacuum, clean the kids bathroom, write the scout weekly newsletter, pick up James, have scouts, cook dinner, see Devonn off to school, help with homework, give baths, study for the debate in History on Thursday, do laundry, and CRASH! See what I mean? And today isn't really even a busy day for me...