Monday, July 1, 2013

Plateau Busted

If you happen to look over at my most recent weight, I noted "I think" on it. I weighed in at 6:30 in the morning but in my rush to get ready for school, I didn't record it right away. I sent Devonn a text later in the morning telling him my weight (185.2) so that was probably it, but I could be a bit mistaken. I do know that it was 185 something. Since I restarted this lifestyle change and abandoned my unhealthy habits, I have lost 10.27% of my body weight. From my highest weight ever recorded, 224.8 (oh my stinking heck that was heavy... how did that even happen!?), I have lost 17.62% of my body weight. I am pretty happy. I don't know why I plateaued for a week previously but it definitely wasn't from consuming too many calories. It could have been from consuming too few (starvation mode), it could have been hormonal (my period tries to start then even though it's mid-cycle on my hormones), or any number of things. All I know is that I was thrilled with a 4 pound weight loss this week. That means I didn't lose any progress at all.

Devonn has been dieting and exercising for a couple weeks as well. In fact, we decided to do a little weekly competition. Whoever loses the biggest percentage of weight each week is the winner- the loser has to fold a bunch of laundry. ;) I have to admit that I'm a little worried because all he has to do to lose weight is fast a bit the evening before the weigh in and he loses several lbs. Oh that's another thing that could have contributed to my weight loss- Devonn and I fasted Saturday-Sunday (because he has a job interview coming up and we want to ace it) so I was probably still mildly dehydrated this morning when I weighed in.

In terms of my energy, I still have very little. I know that although I am eating way better, I am not getting the vitamins and nutrients I need- I am going to work on that this week. I also attribute the lack of energy to being completely swamped in school deadlines (6 week summer quarters bite), so I'm kind of just mentally exhausted, and then I probably could go to bed just a bit earlier. Oh and exercise- I walk 4 days a week but not strenuously. And maybe the heat too? It really makes me tired.

A couple fun things: I have lost 21.2 lbs since I restarted. I only have 26.2 lbs to lose to get to my initial goal of a healthy BMI (159 lbs). That is so doable! I have kind of decided that if I get to 145-ish and sustain it for a long time, I might explore plastic surgery options. I have hanging, gross skin on my belly (big time) someday maybe I'll post a picture? It makes me wear like 2 pant sizes bigger than I would and makes it very difficult to get clothes that fit appropriately. I just can't wait to go to the store and shop straight off the rack without spending hours in the dressing room agonizing over whether I should use Spanx or just get something baggy, etc. Of course I am going to strengthen my core as much as humanly possible between now and then to see what difference I can make (Although I know I will always have this skin because it has lost all of its elasticity and been damaged beyond repair due to babies and the ensuing stretch marks. Plus the c-section scar that everything hangs over). And then there is also the fact that I have one boob that is WAY smaller than the other. No joke. Like a couple cup sizes. As I lose weight it's getting worse... And on that note, time to do some homework, fix lunch, clean, grocery shop, etc.