Thursday, June 14, 2012


I have been so freaking lazy in terms of diet and exercise and I have been going over my calories every day (not that I've been tracking them). I am part of a Facebook group ran by a church friend (so is Devonn and several other people) I can invite whomever if anyone is interested. Kate Geiger (formerly Ramirez) is heading it up. Basically she's keeping weekly results and we're trying to keep each other motivated. It's like a Biggest Loser competition with no strings attached- no money to pay, etc. Our initial weigh in was last Friday and our first results oriented weigh in is tomorrow. Despite having this group, I'm still totally unmotivated. 

I think it's just because I've just been so tired. And I've been so tired because I stay up until midnight then toss and turn until 1am then I'm up around 8am (Bless Lexi's little heart that she has decided to start sleeping in during the summer). And I have always been one of those people that needs at least 8 hours a day. So basically, I've been irresponsible with my sleep.

I do get a little burst of energy around 3pm where I could ride the bike while I watch Dr. Phil but it hasn't been working out that way in terms of a schedule. Monday we were doing something (can't remember what), Tuesday was Disneyland (yay!), Wednesday we were at the in-laws working on Ma's car, and today I was cooking for some friends who just had a beautiful baby girl!

I need to get way better about everything and stop being so lazy. I need to make an exercise schedule and keep all the unhealthy crap out of our house. Knowing that I'm probably at like 195 and that I'm having such lazy issues and since school is starting for me on the 26th, I think my new Catalina goal will be to be in the 180's-totally doable. A longer term goal will be to be in the 170's when I start my Fall classes in September. (Also totally doable).

Okay, I'm rambling to the point that even my mind is wandering. Over and out-

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Post Op

I had my post op appointment today. Before going I prayed that my doctor and I would make the best decision for me right now. We decided to watchfully wait. I am going off birth control because I HATE it and to see what happens with my ovaries when I do. We are going to see how my uterus continues to respond to the surgery and decide a course of action if I continue to have pain. Dr. Owens is fabulous and I feel completely happy with this :) (it helps that the cramping has been much, much better the past couple of days and I was having second thoughts about lobbying for a hysterectomy).

He showed me the photos from the surgery... holy cow. My scar tissue was gnarly.

In weight loss/fitness news: I have been maintaining weight, but I have been eating REALLY, REALLY crappy food. I'm betting my cholesterol is off the charts. Now that I can exercise again (including lifting heavy stuff at the grocery store), I'm back on the wagon... I am not nearly as motivated lately (what's wrong with me?) so I'm hoping I'll keep it up.

Well, I'm SO tired and I have a laundry pile that is a few inches taller than me... no joke- so I think I'll go try to tackle that while Devonn works on an assignment.