Friday, June 24, 2011

Female Issues Part 2

Uterus is abnormally thick. Blood within the lining of the uterus when there should not be. Fibroid still present. One treatment option to control the bleeding is hormonal birth control, but that could make the fibroid much larger and when I stopped taking it, I'd be right back at square one. The other treatment option (and the one I opted for) is endometrial ablation, where they burn out the lining of the uterus. This a relatively simple procedure and I should be back to normal quickly. This either takes away periods altogether (crossing my fingers) or greatly reduces them and the cramping and spotting will GONE! The only crappy thing is that my insurance requires an endometrial biopsy, which is painful and crappy, before they'll authorize the ablation. I was supposed to go in for my biopsy last week but my period showed up the morning of (FOUR days early!) So now the biopsy is scheduled for the 30th (the day after the all girls rafting trip).

Friday, June 3, 2011

Female Issues

I went to the ob/gyn yesterday. I saw Laura, the nurse practitioner. Although I've had experiences with Laura where her bedside manner isn't the best, yesterday went well. I explained to her that I'm basically bleeding/spotting and cramping 3 weeks out of the month (it seems to clear up for the week immediately before my period). After taking a history and feeling my uterus, she seems to think that the fibroid I had during my last pregnancy never went away. She said that my uterus feels abnormally firm and it did hurt while she was pressing on it with just mild pressure. My mom had these type of issues as well, fibroids and cysts, which eventually led to her having a total hysterectomy. Anyway, we won't actually know anything until after I have an ultrasound and because I have ghetto insurance, it has to be authorized first. So, I go back next Friday for that. I hope they find exactly what it is so they can treat me effectively cause this is getting crazy.

Anyway, I guess that's all for now.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Great One

Here is another great article from Janna Dean:

I love it. I love reading her articles. They make me feel less obsessed with the number on the scale and how fat I look. They make me want to be healthy for the sake of being healthy. I want to feel good, not have high cholesterol, not have gall bladder issues, have LOTS of energy to play with the munchkins, to boost my immune system...

Today is the day I can finally grocery shop. I'm tired (dealing with a super fussy baby- hope she's teething and a sick (AGAIN) 5-year old) and I just don't feel like going, but we NEED to. We are O-U-T of food. I cleaned out the cabinets yesterday and ended up throwing out 5 bags of expired foods. It was crazy and now I feel wasteful that I buy so many things and then neglect to eat them. Also, we've been shopping at Foodmaxx again recently because it's so close, and we have bought things on SO many occasions and then brought it home to realize it's already expired or when it's not expired as far as the date, it has still already gone bad. So dumb!