Monday, February 27, 2012

Typing With a Baby Monster On My Lap.

Check out these before and after tummy tuck pictures. I am absolutely getting one when I've maintained a healthy weight and lifestyle for a good length of time. My skin is super saggy and sick. I know that it will NOT snap back into place. And I know that increased weight loss will further exacerbate the ickiness. I'll never be showing off my tummy and I'll always have stretch marks, but dang, imagine the cute outfits you can wear with a flat tummy.

Also, I've long suspected that my scale weighs way lighter than reality so I finally had the bright idea to test it with weights. On an 8 pound weight it was 0.2 lbs lighter, on 16 lbs, it was 0.8 lbs lighter...I think further investigation is warranted.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Report

This crazy little girl of mine doesn't let me get ANYTHING done at all. My house is a total disaster and I'm behind on homework like a ton. I'm exhausted by the whining and brattiness she exhibits with only me (well, sometimes for Devonn). ANYWAY, most of that would be better on the family blog, but, my point is, at the end of the day, I can choose to do the homework that I need to do, some housework that is equally desperately needed, steal a few minutes with my husband, or workout. I'm having total trouble finding balance lately. Just a week or two ago I felt on top of the world. Now, not so much. But, I can't complain because I brought all of this on myself. :/

Anyway, I worked out like 4 evenings this week and it was nice. I did 30DS on Wednesday night and I'm still reeling. Sore quads mostly, but a mildly sore chest and abs as well. Last night Devonn had already prepared his lesson and wanted to hang out so we watched Desperate Housewives (missed it on Sunday cause we watched The Walking Dead instead). So while we watched, I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes. Afterwards I took a shower and Devonn gave me a massage- it was like the best massage EVER. He is the BEST man!

I weighed in this morning... 209.0- a 3 pound loss! I thought it might be more because I've been at 209 for a couple days actually, but it's all good. 2 pounds was my goal so 3 is great! This brings my Biggest Loser weight loss to 13.6 lbs and my overall loss to 15.8 lbs. Not too shabby at all.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Quick Link for Devonn

Here is a quick link I want to be sure to share with Devonn when he starts Biggest Loser with me. It's all sort of common knowledge, but I wanted to make sure he knows that it's okay to eat after 8pm ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

30 Day Shred

This has to be QUICK because I need to shower and do loads of homework before I go to bed and it's already late for an old lady...

I just completed 30 Day Shred. I am totally WEAK. I had to stop about half to 75% of the way through everything and then start back during the next set. And still, even with the weenyness I exhibited, I'm sitting here shaking and sweating buckets. I decided that I won't be ready for level 2 until I can do all the jumping jacks--wish me luck. I plan on doing 30DS 3 days/week and the stationary bike or some other cardio 2 days.

So, wanna hear something sad? A couple days ago I discovered that I cannot do a sit up anymore at all. :( Hopefully after all the ab workouts in 30DS I'll be able to again before too long. It's crazy when I realize how very in shape I used to be (like when I was a teenager). I used to be able to do all this stuff with no problem at all, and I looked hot doing it if I do say myself.

Okay, so I have lost just over 2lbs so far this week but I recently started the placebo pills which can sometimes be a fat time for me... my goal is 2 lbs/week; I have been eating healthfully and exercising. I didn't drink NEARLY enough water today though... Anyway, I will happy with a 2 lb loss so hopefully I sustain it.

In the middle of typing this my computer crashed and Devonn distracted me about 2 dozen times with his Guam info and sad Pearl Harbor videos. (He's preparing a lesson and I'm in love with U.S. History so I'm easily distracted) so it's definitely time to get to work. I'll post again Friday after the weigh in maybe.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Should be doing (more) homework...

So I did finish my assignment quickly last night and then I rode the stationary bike for 40 minutes. It was at a low resistance but at a constant speed. I ended up burning like 356 calories :)

This morning I did a tiny bit of lifting (1 set, 10 reps, 8 lb weights of bicep curls, lateral raises, and the tricep one...) I just did it for fun but afterwards my muscles felt so warm and toasty... I loved it! And they are exercises I can do without Little Miss having a total cow. I think I will start lifting more frequently and, of course, more reps than just one. I was reading on some men's fitness site that if you do low impact lifting (such as what I did) then do higher impact cardio immediately afterwards, you will totally benefit from your boost in metabolism for the time immediately following the weight lifting. Thoughts on that, anyone? Is it true? I may not be able to do high impact cardio immediately following if my Lovely Little Lexi is around... Oh and speaking of the weights, I initially lifted one up because I have lost more than 8 pounds and I just wanted to know what 8 pounds felt like... Wow, it was actually a lot to just be carrying around.

Tonight I rode the stationary bike (from now on I'll just refer to it as "the bike"). But I only did 20 minutes while watching The Office with Devonn. I don't know if my muscles were just worn out from yesterday's ride, if it's because I can't mentally keep myself going as well while watching The Office (as opposed to Parenthood), or if it's because Devonn was in there (commenting about how it's hot when chicks work out... TMI?), but I was done with the bike after 20 minutes... DONE!

So, even though I know my weight loss will be dismal tomorrow morning, I'm happy because I feel good! I seem to have lost inches (even though myfitnesspal doesn't have a record of me recording them when I started this junk and I DO NOT remember what they were anyway...) I feel good about other aspects of life too. I have been so blessed to be able to balance all the necessary stuff. I'm earning A's in all of my classes this semester, the house has been livable, the laundry pile kept to a minimum, the kids well taken care of and snuggled all the time. I guess right now I just feel fulfilled and it's a great feeling.

PS- I do feel bad for my Biggest Loser partner- I thought I would be a force to be reckoned with because of my willpower. I totally didn't expect my body to wig out.

PPS- I am still concerned about the birth control- I missed one measly pill and all sorts of hell have broken loose. I hate it, I hate the continued cramping, I hate it all... Are there actual women out there with fully functioning reproductive organs until natural menopause? I need to meet one to shake her hand.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not Thrilled

So according to myfitnesspal and other sites, I should be losing 2.3 pounds per week just by restricting my calories to 1200 a day. I am NOT. I am probably losing like 1/week. It is frustrating to say the least. I do need to do better drinking more water. I was doing GREAT at first but haven't been doing so hot lately... I also know that I should be exercising more, but with a whiny baby and everything else going on in life, there REALLY isn't any time to fit it in. I am going to attempt to do the way too long, tedious homework assignment that is due tomorrow right now, while Devonn is holding Lexi, that way I can go jump on the stationary bike if I finish early enough. Wish me luck with the weigh in this week- I need it!

PS- We went to Disneyland this weekend and while I didn't count calories, I made excellent choices. Last night though, I had to grab dinner on my way home from school and I didn't make the best choices- I ate two regular bean burritos. It could have been worse but I know that they are calorie LADEN.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Weigh In and Plateaus

I think I finally started to break through my plateau in the last couple days. Unfortunately, it was just too close to weigh in day for Biggest Loser. So I lost 1.6lbs for the week. This past week I wasn't able to exercise nearly enough at all, I was stressed about school, and I didn't drink enough water. For much of it I was eating way too few calories... The couple of days I met or very slightly exceeded my calorie goals, I lost weight-go figure. I have a grip of assignments due on Sunday but after that, this week is easy breezy so I should totally be able to exercise like a maniac.

I found out that James and Andrew could go on the zipline in Catalina as a tandem rider with a family member over 18. Andrew probably wouldn't want to go on it, but it's James's dream. Well, both Devonn and I are way too fat to let him ride with us. The combined weight of the riders fully clothed cannot be more than 240lbs. James is around 60lbs- he might be more than that by the time Catalina comes. At the very most, the adult rider can't exceed 180lbs. With enough diligent work, I feel like I could totally lose 40lbs by the time we go. It would be difficult but not unattainable. A 40lb loss would put me in the low 170's. James could go with me on the zipline and I would be looking and feeling way hotter, plus Devonn would be a happy camper for our anniversary! :)

So I guess that's my next big goal- a 40lb loss by early August. Wish me luck!

PS- Here is a fun video for it:

Sunday, February 5, 2012


So I weighed in on Friday morning, but since then, I have gained 0.2lbs. So what the heck is going on? Is it because I haven't been eating the full 1200 calories? Could I be plateauing already?

For the record, Rachel and I did NOT win for the week, despite losing a combined 11lbs. Everyone else brought their A-game I guess. We ended up being 3rd out of 7. I am scared because I'm totally NOT losing right this second. I know I said I would be happy with a 2lb weight loss, but I would rather have it be 3 or 4.

I met my calorie goal today (Actually exceeded it by a tiny bit). I am going to try my best to hit right at my calorie goal. If I go over, I'll exercise those calories off in the evening. I am also going to increase my water a tiny bit and do my best to get more sleep.

Sincerely yours and shaking in my shorts,

Friday, February 3, 2012


Check out my sidebar for an updated weight! Also, I posted last night as well, so don't miss it. Well, off to enjoy this beautiful day by going out to buy some cheap produce to shoot. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Busy, Busy

I need to be doing homework. I have a speech that I volunteered to give first (cause I'm crazy), I have 10 history essays due on the 11th, and a fat take home quiz due in Anthropology on Tuesday. I also need to get caught up with scouts and plan an activity for them for next week. I should do some laundry before I fall behind and unload and reload the dishwasher. Plus, my fingernails are getting annoyingly long.

BUT, I wanted to post a fitness update first (cause I'm a procrastinator and that's okay!) Anyway, the first weigh in is tomorrow. I'm equal parts excited and nervous. This morning I weighed in and 215.8lbs... a 6.8 pound loss for the week- yata! (remember, it's not a real 6.8lb loss cause the first weigh in was mid morning and clothed). But I'm nervous that tomorrow my weight will be all high. I have not been able to eat 1200 calories at all this past week. Ugh. I didn't exercise at all today cause I was running errands, at school, and celebrating my hunk's birthday! Yesterday I didn't do legitimate exercise but I broke a sweat cleaning... Anyway, I also did not drink enough water today so hopefully I'm not retaining any- bleh. So, wish me luck! Luck that I won't be heavier tomorrow and luck that some other foo didn't lose way more than me (there are men competing in this competition too).

Is it obsessive and weird that I won't even shower tonight because I don't want my skin to hold any water? Also my hair, but that's legitimate. I'm also a weirdo because I'm waiting for a haircut til the last week of biggest loser because I'm hoping it will help me lose half a pound. :)