Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off the Wagon

Needless to say, I have fallen off the wagon in a bad way and I am fatter than ever. Aside from being fat, I just feel unhealthy and I don't like it. I went to the Dr. the other day... I saw a nurse practitioner who was an absolute QUACK. She took me off of the cholesterol medication even though two actual physicians told me I would need to be on it forever unless by some miracle I was at a totally healthy BMI and was a complete vegetarian. But she insisted so I told her okay and quit. I guess once she sees that my cholesterol is sky high again she'll put me back on it. Anyway, she also told me that I have adult onset acne (oh joy!) and prescribed benzoyl peroxide (which costs $21.99 since insurance won't cover it). So I'm starting the regimen on tonight. (basically: cleanse, use benzoyl peroxide, moisturize. Twice a day. Every day). Also, I had to beg her to write me a prescription for the medication that I know I need for my eczema.

Aside from those issues, the female issues continue and I have an appointment with my ob/gyn in a couple weeks. (I kept having to postpone it because things with the kids would come up). Also, my gallbladder has been acting up again. I DO NOT want the surgery so I am going to make one last attempt at dramatically reducing the fat in my diet.

I'm also having mental issues- seriously, I think I'm going crazy. I have been SO anxious over the kids being sick, specifically Lexi. I am such a hypochondriac with them. Andrew had strep throat, was treated and is fine. But, his allergies have not quit acting up in like a year and he constantly has bloody boogers/snot which really causes my hypochondria to go nuts (I won't tell you all what I convince myself it really is). And then there's Lexi... you can read all about her woes on the main blog.

Bottom line: I am unhealthy in so many ways and I know that if I just ate more fruits and vegetables, drank more water, and ate less processed foods coupled with exercise, I would totally feel much better in every way. Currently we only have CRAPPY food and I can't shop until after payday so I will make do for now, but starting in June, I think I'll give it another serious go.