Friday, May 25, 2012

Surgery and Latest Updates

I had my surgery on Tuesday and it was a success in that I woke up from the anesthesia ;) We expected to find some scar tissue and adhesion's, along with some cysts and a tumor or two. Well, when he got in there, he was very disturbed to find that my uterus was COMPLETELY covered in scar tissue to the point that it had totally adhered to other internal organs such as my bowels, etc. It was so stuck that it couldn't move at all. NO WONDER! No wonder I had CONSTANT cramping and pain, no wonder I couldn't exercise without extreme cramping, no wonder I couldn't differentiate poop cramps with uterine cramps sometimes. ;) Just saying.

Anyway, he was able to cut it away from other internal organs to give it some mobility but there is still so much scar tissue that a hysterectomy is in the future. If I take it easy with this recovery and don't cause it to build more scar tissue and re-adhere to my internal organs, there is a chance that we can prolong the hysterectomy which is good considering surgeries SUCK. All my other parts looked good. The tumor hasn't grown, the ovarian cysts were gone (they always are in the first half of my cycle). I go back in two weeks to discuss things with him. (Such as how much I hate birth control, etc).

I always say it, but it's so true: I have the best family in the world. While I am recovering, Blaine and Carrin are watching Lexi for me because Devonn and the boys are on their manly camping trip. I am feeling okay right now thanks to anti-nausea medication and a pretty good thresh hold for pain. The pain felt like a c-section at first, without the giant incision. Now the pain is there but it is much better. I stopped taking the pain meds because I'm weird and kind of anti-medication... I have this irrational fear that taking too many will lead me to be less responsive to them in the future, plus I know that my body is capable of remarkable things on its own. PLUS, I didn't want to be constipated. I called the Dr. yesterday because I couldn't handle the nausea a second longer and he called in an Rx for Zofran... holy crap that stuff is GOOD. Dissolves on your tongue and voila, no more nausea. I love it. I was finally able to eat as a result of it which totally lifted my spirits and gave me some energy.

Anyway, that's that. He told me if I wanted to heal this time I needed to heed his warnings and REST for two weeks, just laying around. Sounds fun, huh? It's totally not though. It's boring and I miss being a mommy.

Oh, as far as weight loss, I'm still at 192- wtf? Even with barely sipping a tiny bit of soup and a tiny bit of applesauce over the course of three days, I'm still 192. Dumb.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back on Track

After slacking off for a few weeks and gaining a few pounds (I was up to 195), I am back on track as of today. My pre-op for surgery is tomorrow and then my actual surgery is on the 22nd (I am PRAYING that he will find something and come up with solutions). I am not going to let this crazy pains/cysts/tumor/who knows what else stand in my way though. I am in control, not these dumb medical issues. I wonder if these stupid problems are caused by fatness. Can't wait until I'm skinny to find out.

So I had fallen into to all kinds of bad habits- funny how quickly that happens, huh? I consumed WAY more soda than water, wasn't counting calories, was eating sweets and crap again, and wasn't exercising. That all ends now.

I am upset at the thought that I might not be able to take James on the zipline. I need to be between 170 and 180 to do it- probably closer to 170 because he might gain a pound or two by then, plus we'll have shoes and be fully clothed. We have 11 weeks until we go. I'm 195 right now (I think). If I lose 2 lbs/week, then I will have lost 22 lbs and be 173. That would be alright but with surgery and all the unknowns, I just don't know if that's a super attainable goal right now. I am going to try my very hardest though. I will see where I am at in a month and if I have lost an okay amount, then I will go ahead and book the excursion. I think it would be a perfect 8th birthday gift for James!

Okay, I exercised for 30 minutes today but I think I'll go do it again because I was over my calories.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I've been hovering around 192 because I haven't been doing what I'm supposed to do. I had a super busy couple of weeks and now that things are easing up, my cramping is getting WAY WORSE. It feels so much like contractions, that it's insane. My pre-op is the 18th and my surgery is the 22nd. I am praying that he finds out what is wrong, cause I can't exercise or enjoy life much while I'm doubled over. Ugh.

So while I can't necessarily control how much exercise I can do at the moment, I CAN control what I eat and though I've been eating small portions, I've fallen into some old bad habits over the past week. That ends now. Well, time to study a bit for my Anthro final and chill with Devonn. :)