Sunday, January 25, 2015

Before, After, and Biggest Loser Results

No clue how much I weighed here (this is seriously embarrassing to post...) By the way, this was TWO YEARS after my last baby was born so the baby weight excuse is not even valid.

And some more recent pictures (I totally need to take brand new ones that show my most recent weight):

So, I won Biggest Loser! The competition was stiff at the end but I'm super competitive so I starved for a day at the end. ;) I got down to 151 which was surely the result of dehydration since by the end of weigh in day I was back to 151.6 and by the next day I was even more (after pigging OUT for two days, heh). At this point the goal is to maintain and to force myself to work out to keep my abs and arms nice. (But I'm TIRED lately!) Anyway, in my next post I'll post some videos and exercises that worked for me during Biggest Loser. Gonna go be LAZY right now. 

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